Monday, April 26, 2010

Root HTC Magic

A lot of people have been looking for a way to root their HTC Magic which has been updated by the Sense UI RUU provided by HTC (RUU 3.05.***) The roms that can be rooted are listed below.
1) 3.05.861.2 1.76.0008H N (Australia)
2) 3.05.631.7 1.76.0010H N (Canada)
3) 3.05.401.3 1.76.0009H N (Europe)
4) 3.05.720.3 1.76.0009H N (India)

To root the Magic follow the steps listed below:
1. Download the test signed rom from the following link

2. If your HTC Magic is from Australia, Canada or India, you need to create a gold card to install this RUU Update. In order to do this, follow the step on the website linked below:

3. After successfully creating the gold card, update your phone via the downloaded RUU with the gold card inserted in your phone.

4. When your phone has been updated, go to the link below and download the latest HERO recovery. (Save it to tools in Android SDK folder downloaded while creating the gold card)

5. Now in your phone go to settings>development and check USB debugging.

6. Open command prompt and go to the Tools folder in Android SDK that you downloaded to create the gold card.
Assuming that you have not changed the file name of the recovery, use the following commands:

cd C:\AndroidSDk\tools
adb push recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img /sdcard/
adb shell
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.6.2.img (file name of the recovery you downloaded)

7. After the recovery has been flashed, go to the following link to download the ENG SPL for HTC MAGIC 32A (SPL: 1.76.2007)

8. Now copy the SPL to your memory card.
adb push /sdcard/

9. Restart your phone using the home + power key till it boots up into the recovery mode.
(or just type 'adb shell reboot recovery')

10. Using the 'Flash zip file' option from the recovery, select the SPL file from the memory card and flash the HBOOT on your phone.

11. Congrats, your HTC Magic is now ROOTED!!

12. Now you can install any rom for your phone including the cooked Android 2.1 roms. For Rogers I would suggest:

cursordroid Rogers 3.05 ROM with root (Thread:

Note: I have just consolidated the info which will help you to root your magic. Credits go to orange_24 (
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